Traders Journal allows you to program your strategy and then monitor your performance after every trade. This means you will know the second the market changes, that it is time to review your strategy.

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Whatever markets or timeframes you trade from, Traders Journal will allow you the same level of professional feedback on each trade and whether you and the market are performing at your best.

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Traders Journal is really easy to use but just in case we provide full training and support. We also offer a growing library of information and training on back testing, strategy creation and trading.

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This software works anywhere any time. It is literally like having your own research team in your pocket. On mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop, if you need trading information it will be there.

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Unlimited Strategies
Unlimited Trades

Available with our Pro membership

Your Strategy

Create a new strategy or use an existing one. Use the expected performance of your strategy to avoid mistakes and changes in the market.

Import Charts

Keep and review charts from every trade you place. Learn and grow as a trader every time you place a trade.


Manage Risk

Clearly understand your risk reward and exposure levels and learn how to be a more conservative and more professional trader.

Manage Yourself

Traders Journal allows you to manage your own performance and to better understand what is really holding you back as a trader.

How it works

Take a quick tour, watch the video.

Even more great feautres

Designed by traders for traders to keep your edge fresh.

Strategy Comparison

If you use different strategies or trade different markets, then understand which ones are profitable and which are not is a key factor in managing your trading business. Traders Journal allows clear graphical updates that mean you are always on the pulse.

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Trader Journal provides all of the key data you need to manage your trading. Not only can you access this data in some set reports and dashboards but you can also download raw data to manipulate at will and ensure you can maximise your edge in the markets.

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How it Works?

Traders Journal allows you to monitor performance just like a professional


You create and test your trading strategy. These back testing results will give key data for you to compare ongoing trading performance. If you are not sure how to create or back test a strategy, we have a number of training videos available to our members.

Step 1


Enter every trade you take in the diary section of your Traders Journal. This will include all of the vital information to assess that trade’s performance and the performance of your strategy and you!

Step 2


Either using your live dashboard or the reports functions, Traders Journal allows you to assess each strategy, trade, market and even your own psychology. We can help you to use all of this data to make you a more successful, more profitable trader.

Step 3

More and more great feautres


You are not on your own. We offer a selection of how to videos that help to explain how to create, test and input a strategy, how to enter trades and how to read the data. This will help you to get stuck in and really see tangible benefits from using Traders Journal.

Manage your Business

Traders Journal was developed as a business tool. It was created by traders who ran successful businesses and understood that this was the only way to become profitable in trading. Research markets, set benchmarks, drive performance, measure performance and improve.

Simple Data

No matter what level you trade at, the feedback from the Traders Journal is designed to satisfy everyone. If you want simple and easy to understand results, then check your dashboard. If you want heaps of detailed data then you can download that to!

No Gimmicks or Gurus

We are not selling a secret sauce or amazing strategy. We do not know all of the secrets to trading profitably. We have created a tool that will mean you never need to waste money on gurus or courses again. You will be able to create, test and manage your own trading.


  • Trial
  • This membership is free for 14 days and does not need any credit card details. Try us out, I think you will be impressed
  • £0 / month
  • Strategies input (unlimited for 2 weeks)
  • Trades input (unlimited for 2 weeks)
  • Charts
  • Reports
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  • Premium
  • This membership is ideal for active traders or more advanced traders. It allows you to run and compare multiple strategies to keep one step ahead of the market
  • £21 / month
  • Strategies input (unlimited)
  • Trades input (unlimited)
  • Charts
  • Reports
  • Signup
  • Standard
  • This is a great option if you are still in the early days of your trading life. It will help you build and assess a strategy and your own trading performance.
  • £14 / month
  • Strategies input (2 max)
  • Trades input (3 per week max)
  • Charts
  • Reports
  • Signup

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Traders Journal
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Traders Journal is a newly released software tool created by a couple of traders based in Cambridgeshire UK. It has been conceived and created through their 4 year journey to try and tame financial markets. Our aim is to provide the best single tool to help traders learn to trade and manage their trading business professionally and profitably

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